The goals of this blog.

Once in a while, an engineer reflects on his or her career and ask the question: what next? The honest answer could guide our professional development for next few years that follow. I, together with my friends, answered that question in a similar fashion, so we have formed a team.

Some of us are professional developers, some are scientists and some are at the doorstep of a programmer career. Although we have different backgrounds, we have discovered that we share the same goals.

First of all, we would like to learn the .Net Core web development stack. We are not yet sure what that even means – we have some vague ideas on what to look for. We are all excited about ASP.Net Core 2.0, that is now officially released. We are eager to try SignalR Core – that is still under development, but the preview is available to use. We have some experience with Entity Framework – and we look forward to working with Entity Framework Core. One of us proposed PixiJS as our game engine front-end library, and after looking on few demonstrations, we decided to try it as well.

Secondly, we want to create a game, that some of us were working on for years since we were little kids. For thirteen years we have been developing fantasy game, few times starting from scratch. It was supposed to be Pen & Paper RPG game, then another RPG game, then card game – but now, since we are all into software development, we decided to scrap all our previous experience and start anew as web based tactical RPG.

Our final goal is to boost our personal careers. The idea that writing a blog could achieve that came from John Sonmez, software engineer, blogger, and YouTuber that I have been following for some time. He made a video and a free course ( explaining how and why one should create a professional blog. I encourage you to read it for yourself  – I found it really helpful and inspiring.

Three reasons for doing something are much better than just one. Having the whole team that shares those three goals and supports each other is priceless. I expect it to be a guarantee of our success!

What is this blog about?

This blog is about a process that we are going through creating a web-based game. We will share our learning experience – always trying to do so in a way that will be beneficial to our readers. Especially if they decide to learn along or create a similar project. We will describe technologies that we use and share examples of our code. We won’t hide our mistakes, so you could learn from them.

We will also write few pieces about the game itself. We plan to describe our mechanics, the thought process for creating them, how are they tested and what is the result of those tests. We think it will be beneficial to get you in the loop, but it won’t be our main focus for this blog.

That being said, welcome to!



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