Creating a simple Content Management System

I have been working on creating a content management system (CMS for short) for One of my tasks was to implement a way for the admin (who may not be a software engineer himself) to add, edit, and delete news from the home page. It is a very much needed (while still being rather basic) feature of our app. It requires the understanding of several aspects of ASP.NET Core MVC, so it’s a great way to learn the technology and besides – you got to start somewhere!

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Things I understood after starting to learn ASP.NET Core 2.0

When I joined the project, I didn’t really know what I am in for. It’s just that I like to learn new stuff and the idea of developing a game just to get some new skills was already pretty interesting to me. Since joining, I have realised a couple of things about the ASP.​NET Core 2.0 framework that we use and thought about sharing them.

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