A taste of SignalR Core

What is SignalR?

The beginnings

ASP.Net (both “bare” Web Forms and ASP.Net MVC introduced later) is developed around a traditional HTTP request and response mechanism –
the server provides content in form of HTML pages or files only when they are being requested by client. In contrast, SignalR provides two-way communication between server and client – both can trigger actions in each other and the result can be shown immediately in a browser without the need for refreshing.
The last part assumes that there is a browser involved – which doesn’t necessarily has to be true, as apart from javascript implementation of SignalR, a C# one (with more already announced) exists – SignalR isn’t constrained to just web pages.

One of the main selling points of SignalR was its simplicity of use. With just a few lines of code, it was easy to set up a simple chat. (And not only that – one of the examples provided by Microsoft was a browser multiplayer shooter game).

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