Scope – the inconspicuous project killer

There are many things that can go wrong while working on a project. And I mean not only technical difficulties, interpersonal relations, lack of time and experience, et cetera. They all can get in the way, but in my opinion, nothing breaks the spirit more effectively than a badly estimated scope.
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Things I understood after starting to learn ASP.NET Core 2.0

When I joined the project, I didn’t really know what I am in for. It’s just that I like to learn new stuff and the idea of developing a game just to get some new skills was already pretty interesting to me. Since joining, I have realised a couple of things about the ASP.​NET Core 2.0 framework that we use and thought about sharing them.

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Learning difficult things, part 1

Through my university experience I came to understand that the ability to learn is a skill by itself. You can be either good or bad at understanding new things. For a physics undergraduate such as myself (and now a physicist) it’s a skill that’s pretty fundamental and I dare say it’s also no less important to you if you want to be (or you already are) a software developer.

And that’s why we’re going to spend a couple of minutes talking about it.

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Troika – the idea

Learning a hardcore technical skill is challenging, to say the least. So the question is: how can we do it and still have fun at the same time?

The answer that came to me again and again was play. Every human society in recorded history has games. We don’t just solve problems out of necessity. We do it for fun, even as adults!

the Talos Principle

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The goals of this blog.

Once in a while, an engineer reflects on his or her career and ask the question: what next? The honest answer could guide our professional development for next few years that follow. I, together with my friends, answered that question in a similar fashion, so we have formed a team.

Some of us are professional developers, some are scientists and some are at the doorstep of a programmer career. Although we have different backgrounds, we have discovered that we share the same goals.

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